Wine Bar
Explore one of the largest wine menus in the nation
Society Wine Bar features one of the biggest by the glass wine lists in the country, with over 200 selections. We pack an impressive list that goes beyond the ordinary wines offered at typical restaurants. We make wine approachable and fun! Our eclectic boutique presentation and the unique style of our menu, make the wine selection process both interesting and educational.

Expand your palate and take a wine trip around the world without ever leaving the Society Wine Bar. Whether it’s through a fresh and fruit-forward glass from the New World, or something earthy from the Old World, our extensive wine list features hundreds of reasonably priced boutique wines available by the glass or by the bottle.

Our regular wine menu is easy to navigate and organized by price point, as well as by fun groupings like “Hip and Trendy” and “Fun and Fabulous.” For wine lovers who are further down the path of wine exploration, we offer a “Complex Specialty Wines” grouping with more complex single varietals and blends.

Additionally, we offer a Coravin premium menu with higher end selections, all served with this signature system — which allows us to open a bottle of wine without uncorking it. This method ensures our premium wines are in excellent condition, preserving the integrity of the wine with optimum care.

We also offer an impressive assortment of 100 small batch, rare allocation micro-brews as well as international craft beers, ranging from Pints to Bombers for the discriminating beer geek.